Property Investment

Local & International (USA)

Eagle & Lion International offers direct access to property investment opportunities, mostly in Cape Town and in selected locations in the United States of America.

We are however, an investment orientated organisation and can assist in developing an investment portfolio, as much as offer access to opportunities.

  • Value-added investment in your own property
  • Current Cape Town Property Developments
  • US Residential Property
  • Commercial US Property Investment

Property Investment In Your Backyard!

Yes – we mean literally on the same plot where you stay. If space allows, the City of Cape Town now allows for a second and even a third dwelling to be built on your property.

WHY to consider such an investment:
  • Rental or Air B&B income.
  • Dual living (grandparents).
  • Investment in your own primary property & capital growth.
  • Much more affordable, compared to other rental income property investments.
  • On your doorstep for better upkeep and management.
  • A very good selling feature.

HOW can we help you?

In short – we do it all! We have priced (above) plans, a building team, an architect, a bond originator, we do the applications for you, in fact- just sit back and relax.

BUT what is my potential upside?

We have estimated the total project cost (house only) at a monthly repayment of +- R5950 (pm) with a rental income range of between R8000 – R11000 per month + capital growth – we think your upside is, VERY GOOD! Sounds good? Need more info?

Cape Town Property

Brand new apartment development planned within the Durbanville CBD
  • Stable property market
  • Ideal for young professionals
  • Fantastic Life Style
  • Rental income

Durbanville has excellent schools with the new Stadio University to be completed by the end of 2022 just outside of town, taking in between 4000-5000 students and thus creating a massive need for rental property. This beautiful small town offers a fantastic life style, including shops, sport facilities, a race course, a world renown rose garden, wine routes, dams, farm bicycle trails, churches and then some.

Contact us for more information on this amazing opportunity.
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USA Residential Property

Through partnerships in the US, we offer full title residential properties in Texas, Florida and Missouri.

Why invest in US property:
  • The USA is the world’s wealthiest country and largest economy.
  • You will be building up a US Dollar cash reserve fund as well as a currency hedge.
  • Rental returns and capital growth in US Dollars.

We only sell property in specific areas in the USA, where we have partners that is licensed and registered estate agents and we work strictly through them. They are vetted by a South African law firm and all transactions, payments and such is also conducted through the same Law firm. Currently we operate in San Antonio – Texas; Tampa – Florida and St Louis, Missouri.


Let Us Help You! Contact Us Today For More Information.

USA Commercial Property Investment By ORBVEST

ELI Property partners with ORBVEST – a leader in off-shore property investment opportunities.

Why US Commercial:
  • Low risk commercial assets, primarily in the US Healthcare niche.
  • The investments generate regular dividends (±8% per annum) that are distributed on a quarterly basis.
  • Annuity income and long-term wealth over the period of investment. (Targeted IRR of 12% to 17%)

How does US Property Investment work?

Simply contact us and enquire about the ORBVEST or USA commercial investment opportunity and we will introduce you to our ORBVEST investment consultant.

We deliver excellent customer service.